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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Spell of the Mithraic Liturgy

First origin of my origin, ΑΕΗΙΟΥΩ, first beginning of my beginning, ΠΠΠ ΣΣΣ[1] ΦΡΕ, spirit of spirit, the first of the spirit in me, ΜΜΜ, fire given by god to my mixture of the mixtures in me, the first of the fire in me, ΗΥ ΗΙΑ ΕΗ, water of water, the first of the water in me, ΩΩΩ ΑΑΑ ΕΕΕ, earthy material, the first of the earthy material in me, ΥΗ ΥΩΗ, my complete body, I[2], whose mother is[3], which was formed by a noble arm and an incorruptible right hand in a world without light and yet radiant, without soul and yet alive with soul, ΥΗΙ ΑΥΙ ΕΥΩΙΕ: now if it be your will, ΜΕΤΕΡΤΑ ΦΩΘ ΙΕΡΕΖΑΘ, give me over to immortal birth and, following that, to my underlying nature, so that, after the present need which is pressing me exceedingly, I may gaze upon the immortal beginning with the immortal spirit, ΑΝΧΡΕΦΡΕΝΕΣΟΥΦΙΡΙΓΧ, with the immortal water, ΕΡΟΝΟΥΙ ΠΑΡΑΚΟΥΝΗΘ, with the most steadfast air, ΕΙΟΑΗ ΨΕΝΑΒΘΩ; that I may be born again in thought, ΚΡΑΟΧΡΑΞ Ρ ΟΙΜ ΕΝΑΡΧΟΜΑΙ, and the sacred spirit may breathe in me, ΝΕΧΘΕΝ ΑΡΟΤΟΥ ΝΕΧΘΙΝ ΑΡΠΙ ΗΘ; so that I may wonder at the sacred fire, ΚΥΦΕ; that I may gaze upon the unfathomable, awesome water of the dawn, ΝΥΩ ΘΕΣΩ ΕΧΟ ΟΥΧΙΕΧΩΑ,and the vivifying and encircling aither may hear me, ΑΡΝΟΜΗΘΦ; for today I am about to behold, with immortal eyes – I, born mortal from mortal womb, but transformed by tremendous power and an incorruptible right hand and with immortal spirit, the immortal Aion and master of the fiery diadems – I, sanctified through holy consecrations – while there subsists within me, holy, for a short time, my human soul-might, which I will again receive after the present bitter and relentless necessity which is pressing down on me – I[4], whose mother is[5], according to the immutable decree of god, ΕΥΗ ΥΙΑ ΕΗΙ ΑΩ ΕΙΑΥ ΙΥΑ ΙΕΩ. Since it is impossible for me, born mortal, to rise with the golden brightness of the immortal brilliance, ΩΗΥ ΑΕΩ ΗΥΑ ΕΩΗ ΥΑΕ ΩΙΑΕ, stand O perishable nature of mortals, and at once receive me safe and sound after the inexorable and pressing need. For I am the son ΨΥΧΩΝ ΔΕΜΟΥ ΠΡΟΧΩ  ΠΡΩΑ, I am ΜΑΧΑΡΦ Ν ΜΟΥ ΠΡΩΨΥΧΩΝ ΠΡΩΕ.  

PGM IV. 490-535

[1] These are popping and hissing sounds.
[2] You are to state your name.
[3] You are to state your mother’s name.
[4] You are to state your name.
[5] You are to state your mother’s name.

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