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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Concerning the Ritual Dance of the Greek Magical Papyri

It is evident from studying the mystic rituals of the Greek Magical Papyri that the magos of pure energeia did not work with the 4 cardinal points but instead blasted the veil from the 7 directions of the cosmos by ritually employing the 7 Greek vowels through chant and vision.

Face the east. Stretch out your right hand to your left and your left hand, likewise to the left and chant ΑΑΑΑΑΑΑ. Face the north. Put forward only your right fist and chant ΕΕΕΕΕΕΕ. Face the west. Extend both hands in front of you chant ΗΗΗΗΗΗΗ. Face the south. Hold both hands on your stomach and chant ΙΙΙΙΙΙΙ. Face the east or stand at the bomos facing the east. Bend over touching the ends of your toes and chant ΟΟΟΟΟΟΟ. Place both your hands on your heart and gaze into the air and chant ΥΥΥΥΥΥΥ. Place both hands on your head, look up to the heavens and chant ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ.

 Apart from this ritual gesture and another that involves moving clockwise, all rites require the magos to rotate and counter-rotate through 270˚, beginning in the east and ending by facing the east. The ritual  commonality lies in facing each of the cardinal points while maintaining rotational balance. The magos of the Papyri does not work with circles but seeks emphasis to reach all 7 directions while maintaining rotational balance.

 O Isis, O Nephthys, O noble soul of Osiris Wennefer, come to me! I am your beloved son, Horus, O gods who are in heaven, O gods who are in the earth, Ogods who are in the primeval waters, O gods who are in the south, O gods who are in the north, O gods who are in the west, O gods who are in the east, come to me tonight!

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