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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Rite of Eros and Myrrh

 Whilst offering myrrh over coals recite,

You are Myrrh, the bitter, the difficult, who reconciles combatants, who sears and who forces those to love who do not acknowledge Eros. Everyone calls you Myrrh, but I call you flesh-eater and inflamer of the heart. I am not sending you to far-off Arabia; I am not sending you to Babylon, but I am sending you to her[1], whose mother is[2], so that you may serve me on the mission to her, so that you may attract her to me. If she is sitting, let her not keep sitting; if she is chatting with someone, let her not keep chatting; if she is gazing at someone, let her not keep gazing at someone.; if she is going to someone, let her not keep going; if she is strolling about, let her not keep strolling about; if she is drinking, let her not keep drinking; if she is eating, let her not keep eating; if she is kissing someone, let her not keep kissing him; if she is enjoying pleasure, let her not keep enjoying it; if she is sleeping, let her not keep sleeping. Rather, let her hold me,[3], alone in her mind; let her desire me alone; let her love me alone; let her do all my wishes. Do not enter through her eyes or through her side or through her nails or even through her navel or through her frame, but rather through her soul. And remain in her heart and burn her guts, her breast, her liver, her breath, her bones, her marrow, until she comes to me,[4], loving me, and until she fulfils all my wishes, because I adjure you, Myrrh, by the three names, ΑΝΟΧΩ ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ ΤΡΩ, and by the more coercive and stronger names, ΚΟΡΜΕΙΩΘ ΙΑΩ ΣΑΒΑΩΘ ΑΔΩΝΑΙ, so that you may carry out my desires, Myrrh. As I burn you up and you are potent, so burn the brain of her,[5], whom I love/desire/yearn for[6]. Inflame her and turn her guts inside out, suck out her blood drop by drop, until she comes to me. I adjure you by ΜΑΡΠΑΡΚΟΥΡΙΘ ΝΑΣΑΑΡΙ ΝΑΙΕΜΑΡΕ ΠΑΙΠΑΡΙ ΝΕΚΟΥΡΙ. I throw you into the burning fire and adjure you by the almighty god who lives forever. Having adjured you I now also adjure you, ΑΔΩΝΑΙ ΒΑΡΒΑΡ ΙΑΩ ΖΑΓΟΥΡΗ ΗΑΡΣΑΜΩΣΙ ΑΛΑΟΥΣ and ΣΑΛΑΩΣ. I adjure you who strengthened man for life. Hear, hear, great god, O Adonaios, ΕΘΗΥΙΑ, self-gendering, everlasting god, ΕΙΩΗ ΙΑΩ ΑΙΩ ΦΝΕΩΣ ΣΦΙΝΤΗΣ ΑΡΒΑΘΙΑΩ ΙΑΩ ΙΑΗ ΙΩΑ ΑΙ, who are ΟΥΗΡ ΓΟΝΘΙΑΩΡ ΡΑΡΑΗΛ ΑΒΡΑ ΒΡΑΧΑ ΣΟΡΟΟΡΜΕΡΦΕΡΓΑΡ ΜΑΡΒΑΦΡΙΟΥΙΡΙΓΞ ΙΑΩ ΣΑΒΑΩΘ ΜΑΣΚΕΛΛΙ ΜΑΣΚΕΛΛΩ ΑΜΟΝΣΩΕ ΑΝΟΧ ΡΙΓΧ ΦΝΟΥΚΕΝΤΑΒΑΩΘ ΣΟΥΣΑΕ ΦΙΝΦΕΣΗΧ ΜΑΦΙ ΡΑΡ ΑΝΟΥΡΙΝ ΙΒΑΝΑΩΘ ΑΡΟΥΗΡ ΧΝΟΥΦ ΑΝΟΧ ΒΑΘΙ ΟΥΧ ΙΑΡΒΑΣ ΒΑΒΑΥΒΑΡ ΕΛΩΑΙ. Attract for me her,[7], whose mother is, [8], to me,[9], on the very day, on this night, at this very hour, ΜΟΥΛΩΘ ΦΟΦΙΘ ΦΘΩΙΘ ΦΘΩΥΘ ΠΕΝΙΩΝ. I call upon you also who hold the fire, ΦΘΑΝ ΑΝΟΧ; give heed to me, O one, only-begotten, ΜΑΝΕΒΙΑ ΒΑΙΒΑΙ ΧΥΡΙΡΩΟΥ ΘΑΔΕΙΝ ΑΔΩΝΑΙ ΕΡΟΥ ΝΟΥΝΙ ΜΙΩΩΝΧ ΧΟΥΤΙΑΙ ΜΑΡΜΑΡΑΥΩΘ. Attract her,[10], whose mother is, [11], to me,[12], now, now; immediately, immediately; quickly, quickly!

[1] You are to state her name.
[2] You are to state her mother’s name.
[3] You are to state your name or title.
[4] You are to state your name or title.
[5] You are to state her name.
[6] You are to choose the appropriate one according to your intentions and feelings.
[7] You are to state her name.
[8] You are to state her mother’s name.
[9] You are to state your name or title.
[10] You are to state her name.
[11] You are to state her mother’s name.
[12] You are to state your name or title.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Enchanted Stone of Eros

And Dardanos instructed the magos to take a breathing magnetic stone and upon engrave Aphrodite sitting astride Psyche and the barbarous name of ΑΧΜΑΓΕ ΡΑΡΠΕΠΣΕΙ. Below the magos engraved the icon of Eros standing majestically on the vault of heaven holding a blazing torch and burning Psyche and the barbarous names of ΑΧΑΠΑ ΑΔΩΝΑΙΕ ΒΑΣΜΑ ΧΑΡΑΚΩ ΙΑΩ Η ΦΑΡΦΑΡΗΙ. On the other side he engraved Psyche and Eros embracing one another and beneath Eros’ feet the mystic letters, ΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣ, and beneath Psyche’s feet, ΗΗΗΗΗΗΗΗ.

The magos then sacrificed burning aromatics and sang the praises of Eros, I call upon you, great Eros, the source of sweet delight, holy and pure, and charming to the sight; darting, and winged, impetuous fierce desire, with gods and mortals playing, wandering fire : agile and twofold, keeper of the keys of heaven and earth, the air, and spreading seas; of all that earth’s fertile realms contains, by which the all parent goddess life sustains, or dismal Tartaros is doomed to keep, widely extended, or the sounding deep; for you all nature’s various realms obey, who rules alone, with universal sway. Come, blessed power, regard these mystic fires, and far avert unlawful mad desires.

Friday, 26 November 2010

The Angelos of Holy Orion

The angelos of the highest divinity came down from the heavens above, from Orion as the unnamed star and before the magos he became as a god. His name was Σουεσολυρ Φθη Μωθ. The magos called him by his name conjured him from the heavens above as the one who travels through the pole under the earth and rises breathing fire. And Σουεσολυρ Φθη Μωθ replied, O man and god upon earth you know my name, signs, symbols and forms. For this I shall remain with you, although impatiently as my abode is in the air, to grant that to which you align with and desire. And upon your death I shall take you with me into the air.  

Thursday, 25 November 2010

On the God of Sokrates

For, to encompass them by a definition, daimones are living beings in kind, rational creatures in mind, susceptible to emotion in spirit, in body composed of the ær, everlasting in time. Of these five points I have listed, the first three are shared with us, the fourth is their own, the last they have in common with the immortal gods; but they differ from them in their capacity to suffer.

Apuleius, On the God of Sokrates