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Sunday, 5 December 2010

And the Mad Daimon spoke

The mad Daimon spoke to the young Magos, O Child of Earth and the Starry Heavens, mortal immortal, enchanter of enchantment, hear my words as I cry them out to you in the astral wilderness. Just like the mad god you shall wander in torment seeking your initiation into the mysteries of the cosmos and yourself, for As Above So Below! But your initiation shall only guide you towards the abyss, where either you shall descend and be bound to a rock for pestilent spirits to tear you to shreds for all eternity, or you might cross the abyss and ascend becoming a god amongst men and women.  Yea, verily Magos, O man and god amongst mortals and immortals! Now, what is it you desire, young Magos?

And the young Magos replied, I desire that which is my mortal and divine right, for I am below and I reflect that which is above! To seek and achieve initiation! To conquer the abyss! To become man and god amongst mortals and immortals! Yea, verily mad Daimon, align me to that which I desire!

Then listen to me, the mad Daimon whispered in response, a hissing euphony soaring throughout the cosmos as a serpentine spiral.  Genesis shall become your breath, the pneuma of Α and Ω. But you shall give birth to life and death, serenity and destruction, beauty and abominations. The Heavens shall be your crown and the Watery Abyss below your foundation, and the gods will look upon with favour and then curse you for yearning to become one amongst them. The Angel, that powerful aerial spirit shall succumb to all your demands and even take you with him upon death into the air, but he shall not discriminate between those you love and those you hate. The energeia of the Cosmos shall soar through you but with it comes madness, an insatiable desire to become one with what you might not understand until you have howled in pain those barbarous words of unveiling. Then you shall become a man and god amongst mortals and immortals. Women will love your eros, desire your light and darkness. But, young Magos, you shall be destruction. They will adore you, they will praise your words and follow you into the twilight, only to betray you to judges and priests for they fear what they do not comprehend. Beware, young Magos, for the path you seek is a lonely one, a perilous one, a god-like one...

And years later, the old Magos stared at his son with gnosis and madness in his eyes. Now listen to me, my son. I have danced upon soaring mountains naked with the gods, I have confronted the infernal spirits of the abyss, I have survived the insane whispering of the legions that awaken at dusk, I have stared into the Sun and I have made love to the Moon drunk on Mendesian wine... yet fear that which might and will unveil, for the initiation has yet to manifest...

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