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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Orphic Hymn to Helios

Hear golden titan, whose eternal eye
With broad survey, illumines all the sky.
Self-born, unwearied in diffusing light,
And to all eyes the mirror of delight:
Lord of the seasons, with your fiery car
And leaping coursers, beaming light from far:
With your right hand the source of morning light,  
And with your left the father of the night.
Agile and vigorous, venerable sun,
Fiery and bright around the heavens you run.
Foe to the wicked, but the good man's guide,
Over all his steps propitious you preside:
With various founding, golden lyre, it is mine
To fill the world with harmony divine.
Father of ages, guide of prosperous deeds,
The world's commander, borne by lucid steeds,
Immortal Zeus, all-searching, bearing light,  
Source of existence, pure and fiery bright
Bearer of fruit, almighty lord of years,
Agile and warm, whom every power reveres.
Great eye of nature and the starry skies,
Doomed with immortal flames to set and rise
Dispensing justice, lover of the stream,
The world's great despot, and over all supreme.
Faithful defender, and the eye of right,
Of steeds the ruler, and of life the light:
With founding whip four fiery steeds you guide,
When in the car of day you glorious ride.
Propitious on these mystic labours shine,
And bless your suppliants with a life divine.

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