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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Orphic Hymn to Apollon


Blest Pæan, come, propitious to my pray'r,
Illustrious pow'r, whom Memphian tribes revere,
Slayer of Tityus, and the god of health,
Lycorian Phœbus, fruitful source of wealth .
Spermatic, golden-lyr'd, the field from thee
Receives it's constant, rich fertility.
Titanic, grunian, smynthian, thee I sing,
Python-destroying, hallow'd, Delphian king:
Rural, light-bearer, and the Muse's head,
Noble and lovely, arm'd with arrows dread:
Far-darting, Bacchian, two-fold, and divine,
Pow'r far diffused, and course oblique is thine.
O, Delian king, whose light-producing eye
Views all within, and all beneath the sky:
Whose locks are gold, whose oracles are sure,
Who, omens good reveal'st, and precepts pure:
Hear me entreating for the human kind,
Hear, and be present with benignant mind;
For thou survey'st this boundless æther all,
And ev'ry part of this terrestrial ball
Abundant, blessed; and thy piercing sight,
Extends beneath the gloomy, silent night;
Beyond the darkness, starry-ey'd, profound,
The stable roots, deep fix'd by thee are found.
The world's wide bounds, all-flourishing are thine,
Thyself all the source and end divine:
'Tis thine all nature's music to inspire,
With various-sounding, harmonising lyre;
Now the last string thou tun'ft to sweet accord,
Divinely warbling now the highest chord;
Th' immortal golden lyre, now touch'd by thee,
Responsive yields a Dorian melody.
All nature's tribes to thee their diff'rence owe,
And changing seasons from thy music flow
Hence, mix'd by thee in equal parts, advance
Summer and winter in alternate dance;
This claims the highest, that the lowest string,
The Dorian measure tunes the lovely spring .
Hence by mankind, Pan-royal, two-horn'd nam'd,
Emitting whistling winds thro' syrinx fam'd;
Since to thy care, the figur'd seal's consign'd,
Which stamps the world with forms of ev'ry kind.
Hear me, blest pow'r, and in these rites rejoice,
And save thy mystics with a suppliant voice.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Orpheus calling upon the Author of Thunder and Lightning

I call the mighty, holy, splendid light, aerial, dreadful-sounding, fiery-bright; flaming, aerial-light, with angry voice, lightning thro' lucid clouds with horrid noise. Untam'd, to whom resentments dire belong, pure, holy pow'r, all-parent, great and strong: come, and benevolent these rites attend, and grant my days... a peaceful, blessed end.

Julius Evola's Words of Transcendental Wisdom...

According to its true, living meaning, Tradition is neither servile conformity to what has been, nor a sluggish perpetuation of the past into the present. Tradition, in its essence, is something simultaneously meta-historical and dynamic: it is an overall ordering force, in service of principles that have the chrism of a superior legitimacy.

The figure of the magus retains in a highly visible way the ideal of spiritual virility, which is most essential for the higher type of initiate or the adept. The magus has always called to mind the ideal of a dominating superiority.

This 'human' feeling for life that is so typical of the West merely betrays its very plebian and inferior aspect... Antiquity elevated the individual to godhood, strove to free him from the passions in order to raise him to the transcendental state, that liberating air of the peaks... They knew of nonhuman heroes and men of divine blood.

The 'human' is to be overcome absolutely, without remorse. But to achieve this it is necessary for the individual to attain the feeling of inner liberation.

Monday, 22 March 2010

An epiphany of madness, the irrational, destruction and mystique, conjured by an arcane dance with the pure forces of the cosmos...

Saturday, 20 March 2010

And according to ancient custom I hail the return of the Northward Equinox...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Orphic Hymn to Hekate

I call Einodian Hekate, lovely dame,

Of earthly, watery, and celestial frame,

Sepulchral, in a saffron veil arrayed,

Pleased with dark ghosts that wander thro' the shade;

Persian, unconquerable huntress hail!

The world's key-bearer never doomed to fail;

On the rough rock to wander thee delights,

Leader and nurse be present to our rites;

Propitious grant our just desires success,

Accept our homage, and the incense bless.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The unveiling of Muesis

For you shall be thrice consecrated and thrice purified by the Gods of initiation, O Child of Man and Woman, as iconic forms of dreams undreamt shatter their state of slumber, irrational whisperings of mystical verse becoming the echo of the soul and the passion drenched erotic thirst for life reveling alongside the awesome natural performance of ritual.

For you shall learn to howl in the wilderness the signs and barbarous names of those Daimons and Aetherial Spirits of the sub-lunar realm enshrouded in mist, mystique and magic.

For you shall be revealed unto the primordial alchemical binding of the Earth and the Heavens by the Gods which give cohesion and about and within you the slithering flow of the elements shall manifest, O Child of Earth, as the sensational sounds of the spheres whirl around and within you, O Child of the Seven Wandering Stars.

For only then shall you behold the revelation of the Gods that brings together the vision of union with the One that lies beyond the Palace of the Ogdoad, the Crystalline Sphere, the Magic Mirror of Heaven and finally the Empyreum itself, O Child of Heaven.

Monday, 8 March 2010

The Death of the Philosopher

For gnosis lies within the awesome natural performance of ritual, the slithering flow of the elements, the sensational sounds of the spheres, the iconic form of dreams undreamt and now awoken, the irrational whispering of mystical verse and the passion drenched art of eros.

Thus spake Man and Woman severing the poisoned head of the philosopher...

Saturday, 6 March 2010

O Iakkhos, progeny divine of Dionysos, parent of the vine, and of celestial Aphrodite, Paphian queen, dark-eyelashed Goddess, of a lovely mien.

A, Alpha... long as in the father, or short as in aha.

E, Epsilon... as in fret or pet.

Η, Eta... as in French pere or tete

I, Iota.. long as in feed, or short as in pit.

O, Omikron... as in not.

Υ, Upsilon.. long as in French rue, short as in French du pain

Ω, Omega... as in home or go, but can be ‘aw’ as in saw.


AI... as in ‘ai’ in Isaiah.

AY... as in ‘ow’ in gown.

EI... as in ‘ey’ in grey or ‘ei’ in eight.

EY... as in ‘ew’ in few or ‘eu’ in feud.

HY... as in ‘ew’ in few or ‘eu’ in feud (extending pronunciation)

OI... as in ‘oi’ in boil or coin.

OY... as in ‘oo’ in moon or pool.

YI... as in ‘ui’ in French lui.


Β, Beta... as in bad.

Γ, Gamma... as in get.

ΓΓ... as in ‘ng’ in anger.

ΓΚ... as in ‘ngk’ in Chungking.

ΓΚ... as in ‘nkh’ in monkhood.

ΓΧ... as in gh in Buckingham.

Δ, Delta... as in does.

Ζ, Zeta... as in ‘z’ in doze or ‘s’ in rose.

Θ, Theta... as in ‘th’ in thin.

Κ, Kappa... as in king.

Λ, Lamda... as in lyre.

Μ, Mu... as in muse.

Ν, Nu... as in now or net.

Ξ, Xi, as in wax or fox.

Π, Pi... as in push.

Ρ, Rho... as in rich.

Σ, Sigma... as in mouse.

ΣΒ... as in has been.

ΣΓ... as in has gone.

ΣΔ... as in has done.

ΣΜ... as in has made.

Τ, Tau... as in tap.

Φ, Phi... as ‘f’ in foot.

Χ, Chi... as in loch.

Ψ, Psi... as in lapse.

Fundamental Techniques of Meditation for the Purposes of Magic

Perform a Rite of Relaxation. To begin, perform a breathing technique of your preference. After, become aware of your body by starting from your feet and then slowly moving your awareness up your body until you reach your head. Pay special attention to every tension point. See and feel a misty sphere at your feet. Bring it up your body and allow it to soothe and eliminate every tension point. Your mind should be fully concentrated on this.

For a few minutes clear your mind and only concentrate on your breathing. Concentrate on a symbol set upon a background of a single colour. After a few minutes of concentrating on the symbol, allow a variety of ideas and images to come forth. Choose one and follow it through. If it begins to wander away bring it back. End with a breathing technique of your preference .

See a background of a single colour. Slowly build up your symbol in as much detail as possible. Fully concentrate on the symbol. Move around it so you can see it from all angles. Allow various images and ideas to enter the picture and follow one. Bring yourself back to the symbol and follow another.

Do this until you have exhausted all of them. Come back to the symbol and slowly synthesize all the ideas and images in and around the symbol. Make note of this and pay special attention to the emotions and sensations that might arise.

Orphic Hymn to Silenius, Satyrus and the Priestesses of Bacchus

Great nurse of Bacchus, to my pray'r incline.,

Silenius, honor'd by the pow'rs divine

And by mankind at the triennial feast

Illustrious dæmon, reverenc'd as the best:

Holy, august, the source of lawful rites,

Rejoicing pow'r, whom vigilance delights

With Sylvans dancing ever young and fair,

Head of the Bacchic Nymphs, who ivy bear.

With all thy Satyrs on our incense shine,

Dæmons wild form'd, and bless the rites divine;

Come, rouse to sacred Joy thy pupil kin,

And Brumal Nymphs with rites Lenæan bring;

Our orgies shining thro' the night inspire,

And bless triumphant pow'r the sacred choir.

By vine, ivy and thorn, He, the God, is thrice-born...

Friday, 5 March 2010

Rite of the Bear of the Palace of the Shining Polaris


Arktos, Arktos! You who rule over heaven, over the stars and over the whole of the world! You who causes the axis to turn and govern the system of the cosmos by force and compulsion. I appeal to you, imploring and supplicating that you may (state the intention of the rite), because I call upon you in your holy names at which the deity rejoices, names which you are not unable to ignore:

ΒΡΙΜΩ: subdue of the earth, great huntress!


ΑΜΑΜΑΜΑΡ ΑΦΡΟΥΜΑΘΑΜΑ: universal queen of wishes!

ΑΜΑΜΑ: whose bed is good, Dardanian, who can see all, who wanders through the night, attacker of man, subdue of man, summoner of man, conqueror of man!

ΛΙΧΡΙΣΣΑ ΦΑΕΣΣΑ: O aerial one, O goddess of Erymna, O strong one, you are the song and the dance, guardian, spy, gracious, delicate, guardian, uncompromising, inflexible, O Damnameneia!

ΒΡΕΞΕΡΙΚΑΝΔΑΡΑ: highest of All, taurine, unutterable, fiery bodied, light-giving, sharply armed!

Now speak what is in your heart regarding the desired intention of the rite.
For the Gods are invoked by a Whirling of the Heart. It is the Thumos of mortals that beckons and then awakens within themselves the Pathos of the Gods. Guided by Logos, conceived by Thumos and evoked by Eros... such is the formula of the Whirling of the Heart, the Mighty Whirlpool of the Universe, for Aion is the One!

Hymn to Hermes Trismegistos

I give Thee grace, Thou highest and most excellent! For by Thy Grace I have received the so great Light of Thy own Gnosis. O holy Name, fit Name to be adored, O Name unique, by which God only must be blest through worship of our Sire, of Thee who deignest to afford to all a Father's piety, and care, and love, and whatsoever virtue is more sweet than these, endowing us with sense, and reason, and intelligence;-with sense that we may feel Thee; with reason that we may track Thee out from appearances of things; with means of recognition that we may joy in knowing Thee.

Saved by Thy Power divine, let me rejoice that Thou hast shown Thyself to me in all Thy Fullness. Let me rejoice that Thou hast designed to consecrate me, still entombed in bodies, to Eternity.

For this is the sole festival of praise worthy of man-to know Thy Majesty.

I know Thee; yea, by the Single Sense of our intelligence, I have perceived Thy Light supreme,-O Thou True Life of life, O Fecund Womb that giveth birth to every nature!

I have known Thee, O Thou completely filled with the Conception from Thyself of Universal Nature!

I have known Thee, O Thou Eternal Constancy!

Form the whole of this my prayer in worship of Thy Good, this favour only of Thy Goodness do I crave: that Thou wilt keep me constant in our Love-of-knowing- Thee, and let me ne'er be cut off from this kind of Life.

Hymn to Osiris

Homage to thee, Osiris, Lord of eternity, King of the Gods, whose names are manifold, whose forms are holy, thou being of hidden form in the temples, whose Ka is holy. Thou art the governor of Tattu (Busiris), and also the mighty one in Sekhem (Letopolis). Thou art the Lord to whom praises are ascribed in the nome of Ati, thou art the Prince of divine food in Anu. Thou art the Lord who is commemorated in Maati, the Hidden Soul, the Lord of Qerrt (Elephantine), the Ruler supreme in White Wall (Memphis). Thou art the Soul of Ra, his own body, and hast thy place of rest in Henensu (Herakleopolis). Thou art the beneficent one, and art praised in Nart. Thou makest thy soul to be raised up. Thou art the Lord of the Great House in Khemenu (Hermopolis). Thou art the mighty one of victories in Shas-hetep, the Lord of eternity, the Governor of Abydos. The path of his throne is in Ta-tcheser (a part of Abydos). Thy name is established in the mouths of men. Thou art the substance of Two Lands (Egypt). Thou art Tem, the feeder of Kau (Doubles), the Governor of the Companies of the gods. Thou art the beneficent Spirit among the spirits. The god of the Celestial Ocean (Nu) draweth from thee his waters. Thou sendest forth the north wind at eventide, and breath from thy nostrils to the satisfaction of thy heart. Thy heart reneweth its youth, thou producest the.... The stars in the celestial heights are obedient unto thee, and the great doors of the sky open themselves before thee. Thou art he to whom praises are ascribed in the southern heaven, and thanks are given for thee in the northern heaven. The imperishable stars are under thy supervision, and the stars which never set are thy thrones. Offerings appear before thee at the decree of Keb. The Companies of the Gods praise thee, and the gods of the Tuat (Other World) smell the earth in paying homage to thee. The uttermost parts of the earth bow before thee, and the limits of the skies entreat thee with supplications when they see thee. The holy ones are overcome before thee, and all Egypt offereth thanksgiving unto thee when it meeteth Thy Majesty. Thou art a shining Spirit-Body, the governor of Spirit-Bodies; permanent is thy rank, established is thy rule. Thou art the well-doing Sekhem (Power) of the Company of the Gods, gracious is thy face, and beloved by him that seeth it. Thy fear is set in all the lands by reason of thy perfect love, and they cry out to thy name making it the first of names, and all people make offerings to thee. Thou art the lord who art commemorated in heaven and upon earth. Many are the cries which are made to thee at the Uak festival, and with one heart and voice Egypt raiseth cries of joy to thee.

Thou art the Great Chief, the first among thy brethren, the Prince of the Company of the Gods, the stablisher of Right and Truth throughout the World, the Son who was set on the great throne of his father Keb. Thou art the beloved of thy mother Nut, the mighty one of valour, who overthrew the Sebau-fiend. Thou didst stand up and smite thine enemy, and set thy fear in thine adversary. Thou dost bring the boundaries of the mountains. Thy heart is fixed, thy legs are set firm. Thou art the heir of Keb and of the sovereignty of the Two Lands (Egypt). He (Keb) hath seen his splendours, he hath decreed for him the guidance of the world by thy hand as long as times endure. Thou hast made this earth with thy hand, and the waters, and the winds, and the vegetation, and all the cattle, and all the feathered fowl, and all the fish, and all the creeping things, and all the wild animals therof. The desert is the lawful possession of the son of Nut. The Two Lands (Egypt) are content to crown thee upon the throne of thy father, like Ra.

Thou rollest up into the horizon, thou hast set light over the darkness, thou sendest forth air from thy plumes, and thou floodest the Two Lands like the Disk at daybreak. Thy crown penetrateth the height of heaven, thou art the companion of the stars, and the guide of every god. Thou art beneficent in decree and speech, the favoured one of the Great Company of the Gods, and the beloved of the Little Company of the Gods.

His sister [Isis] hath protected him, and hath repulsed the fiends, and turned aside calamities (of evil). She uttered the spell with the magical power of her mouth. Her tongue was perfect, and it never halted at a word. Beneficent in command and word was Isis, the woman of magical spells, the advocate of her brother. She sought him untiringly, she wandered round and round about this earth in sorrow, and she alighted not without finding him. She made light with her feathers, she created air with her wings, and she uttered the death wail for her brother. She raised up the inactive members of whose heart was still, she drew from him his essence, she made an heir, she reared the child in loneliness, and the place where he was not known, and he grew in strength and stature, and his hand was mighty in the House of Keb. The Company of the Gods rejoiced, rejoiced, at the coming of Horus, the son of Osiris, whose heart was firm, the triumphant, the son of Isis, the heir of Osiris.

And so therefore first that priest who governeth the works of Fire must sprinkle with the lustral waters of the loud-resounding Sea... And when, after all the phantoms are banished, thou shalt see that holy formless Fire which darts and flashes at the hidden depths of the universe, hear thou the voice of Fire...