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Friday, 18 June 2010

I call upon you, Kouretes and Erinyes

When marching to war you shall summon the Kouretes and they shall be your warcry and with bloodlust in their eyes beneath their Corinthian helmets, their naked bodies pure power as they dance clashing their swords upon their shields... when laying siege upon the enemy you shall summon the Erinyes and they shall spit curses at the profane and tear to shreds the writhing forms of those who oppose you. Behold these creatures of vengeance, their heads wreathed with serpents, their eyes dripping with blood whilst they fly frantically across the battlefield...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I, the Manifestation I Fear

For I have danced upon soaring mountains naked with the gods, I have confronted the infernal spirits of the abyss, I have survived the insane whispering of the legions that awaken at dusk, I have stared into the sun and I have made love to the moon... yet I fear only one manifestation of the cosmos... and that is me...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Sexual Formula of the Sun and Moon

For I am the sun and she is the moon, for I know the signs and forms and I have howled the barbarous names in the astral wilderness... and the formula is the palindrome of sexual mysticism...

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Great Name

And in the Greek Magical Papyri the formula is... Hear me, because I am going to say the great name ΑΩΘ, before whom every god prostrates himself and every daimon shudders, for whom every angel completes those things which are assigned.

For you shall call upon the great name, for below the great name are the gods, angels, daimons, and spirits. This hierarchy is also the belief of the primordial world, where the manifold world of the pure forces of the cosmos are set out in hierachical emanations. Magic, being the raw expression of these forces when calling upon gods, daimons, angels and spirits, is to be commanded by the beauty, glory and dread of the great name.

And I howl in the wilderness... I call upon you great and mighty god, with command of your great name, you who lives for aions of aions, you who shakes together, you who thunders, you who has created every soul and race, hear my call in the wilderness ΙΑΩ ΑΩΙ ΩΙΑ ΑΙΩ ΙΩΑ ΩΑΙ!

Apuleius was just in his revelation of the magos... someone who, by conversing with the immortal gods, gains an incredible power of charms for everything he wishes.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Behold Aion, God amongst Gods

Behold Aion, god amongst gods, in that stiff hieratic pose, naked though his sexual mysticism is hidden from the eyes of the profane by the 7-fold serpent encoiled around the body of the god with the signs of the zodiac between its coils, for he fixes the course of Helios and is Chronos. 4 are his wings, 1 pair pointing upwards and 1 pointing downwards, for he is the ruler over the 4 winds and of the 4 seasons as Helios and Chronos. The head is the head of a lion with a fiery flowing mane and the mouth protruding the all-devouring teeth breathing tongues of flame. The hands of the god bear the fiery torches of muesis. Adore the dreaded visage that this god can alone evoke!