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Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Rite of Deliverance by the First-begotten and First-born God


I call upon you, lord. Hear me, holy god who rest among the holy ones, at whose side the glorious ones stand continually. I call upon you, forefather, and I beseech you, eternal one, eternal ruler of the sun’s rays, eternal ruler of the celestial orb, standing in the 7-part region, ΧΑΩ ΧΑΩ ΧΑ ΟΥΦ ΧΘΕΘΩΝΙΜΕΕΘΗΧΡΙΝΙΑ ΜΕΡΟΥΜΙ ΑΛΔΑ ΖΑΩ ΒΛΑΤΗΑΜΜΑΧΩΘ ΦΡΙΞΑ ΗΚΕ ΦΥΗΙΔΡΥΜΗΩ ΦΕΡΦΡΙΘΩ ΙΑΧΘΩ ΨΥΧΕΩ ΦΙΡΙΘΜΕΩ ΡΟΣΕΡΩΘ ΘΑΜΑΣΤΡΑ ΦΑΤΙΡΙ ΤΑΩΧ ΙΑΛΘΕΜΕΑΧΕ; you who hold fast to the root, who possess the powerful name which has been consecrated by all angels. Hear me, you who have established the mighty decans and archangels, and beside whom stand untold myriads of angels. You have been exalted to heaven, and the lord has borne witness to your wisdom and has praised your power highly and has said that you have strength in the same way as he, as much strength as he himself has.

I call upon you, lord of the universe, in an hour of need; hear me, for my soul is distressed and I am perplexed and in want of[1]. Wherefore come to me, you who are lord over all angels; shield me against all excess of magical power of aerial daimon and fate. Aye, lord, because I call upon your secret name which reaches from the firmanent to the earth, ΑΘΗΖΟΦΩΙΜ ΖΑΔΗΑΓΗΩΒΗΦΙΑΘΕΑΑ ΑΜΒΡΑΜΙ ΑΒΡΑΑΜ ΘΑΛΧΙΛΘΟΕ ΕΛΚΩΘΩΩΗΗ ΑΧΘΩΝΩΝ ΣΑ ΙΣΑΚ ΧΩΗΙΟΥΡΘΑΣΙΩ ΙΩΣΙΑ ΙΧΗΜΕΩΩΩΩ ΑΩΑΕΙ, rescue me in an hour of need.

[1] You are to state what you are in want of.

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