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Friday, 24 December 2010

A Charm for Vision from the Gods

You are to take a copper vessel, pour rainwater into it and sacrifice frankincense.

Recite, Let the earth be still, let the air be still, let the sea be still, let the winds also be still and do not be a hindrance to this my divination. No sound, no loud cry, no hissing. For I am a prophet, and since I am about to call a terrible fearful name, ΚΟΛΛΑ ΟΛΦΙΛΟΓΕΜΑΛΑ ΑΧΕΡΩΙΟ, open the holy temple, the world built on the earth, and welcome Osiris, because  I am ΜΑΝΧΝΩΒΙΣ ΧΟΛΧΟΒΗ ΜΑΛΑΣΗΤ ΙΑΤ ΘΑΝΝΟΥΙΤΑ ΚΕΡΤΩΜΕΝΟΥ ΠΑΚΕΡΒΑΩ ΚΡΑΜΜΑΣΙΡΑΤ ΜΟΜΟΜΟ ΜΕΛΑΣΟΥΤ ΠΕΥ ΦΡΗ. Open my ears so that you may reveal to me concerning those things I ask you to answer me. Come on, come on; immediately, immediately; quickly, quickly,; and speak concerning those things about which I questioned you. Appear to me, lord Anubis, I command you, for I am ΙΕΩ ΒΕΛΦΕΝΩ, who considers this matter.

After the gods have revealed to you that which you seek in vision recite, Go away, Anubis, to your own thrones, for my health and well-being. 

PGM VII. 319 - 334

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