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Friday, 5 March 2010

Rite of the Bear of the Palace of the Shining Polaris


Arktos, Arktos! You who rule over heaven, over the stars and over the whole of the world! You who causes the axis to turn and govern the system of the cosmos by force and compulsion. I appeal to you, imploring and supplicating that you may (state the intention of the rite), because I call upon you in your holy names at which the deity rejoices, names which you are not unable to ignore:

ΒΡΙΜΩ: subdue of the earth, great huntress!


ΑΜΑΜΑΜΑΡ ΑΦΡΟΥΜΑΘΑΜΑ: universal queen of wishes!

ΑΜΑΜΑ: whose bed is good, Dardanian, who can see all, who wanders through the night, attacker of man, subdue of man, summoner of man, conqueror of man!

ΛΙΧΡΙΣΣΑ ΦΑΕΣΣΑ: O aerial one, O goddess of Erymna, O strong one, you are the song and the dance, guardian, spy, gracious, delicate, guardian, uncompromising, inflexible, O Damnameneia!

ΒΡΕΞΕΡΙΚΑΝΔΑΡΑ: highest of All, taurine, unutterable, fiery bodied, light-giving, sharply armed!

Now speak what is in your heart regarding the desired intention of the rite.

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