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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Julius Evola's Words of Transcendental Wisdom...

According to its true, living meaning, Tradition is neither servile conformity to what has been, nor a sluggish perpetuation of the past into the present. Tradition, in its essence, is something simultaneously meta-historical and dynamic: it is an overall ordering force, in service of principles that have the chrism of a superior legitimacy.

The figure of the magus retains in a highly visible way the ideal of spiritual virility, which is most essential for the higher type of initiate or the adept. The magus has always called to mind the ideal of a dominating superiority.

This 'human' feeling for life that is so typical of the West merely betrays its very plebian and inferior aspect... Antiquity elevated the individual to godhood, strove to free him from the passions in order to raise him to the transcendental state, that liberating air of the peaks... They knew of nonhuman heroes and men of divine blood.

The 'human' is to be overcome absolutely, without remorse. But to achieve this it is necessary for the individual to attain the feeling of inner liberation.

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