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Friday, 5 March 2010

Hymn to Hermes Trismegistos

I give Thee grace, Thou highest and most excellent! For by Thy Grace I have received the so great Light of Thy own Gnosis. O holy Name, fit Name to be adored, O Name unique, by which God only must be blest through worship of our Sire, of Thee who deignest to afford to all a Father's piety, and care, and love, and whatsoever virtue is more sweet than these, endowing us with sense, and reason, and intelligence;-with sense that we may feel Thee; with reason that we may track Thee out from appearances of things; with means of recognition that we may joy in knowing Thee.

Saved by Thy Power divine, let me rejoice that Thou hast shown Thyself to me in all Thy Fullness. Let me rejoice that Thou hast designed to consecrate me, still entombed in bodies, to Eternity.

For this is the sole festival of praise worthy of man-to know Thy Majesty.

I know Thee; yea, by the Single Sense of our intelligence, I have perceived Thy Light supreme,-O Thou True Life of life, O Fecund Womb that giveth birth to every nature!

I have known Thee, O Thou completely filled with the Conception from Thyself of Universal Nature!

I have known Thee, O Thou Eternal Constancy!

Form the whole of this my prayer in worship of Thy Good, this favour only of Thy Goodness do I crave: that Thou wilt keep me constant in our Love-of-knowing- Thee, and let me ne'er be cut off from this kind of Life.

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