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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fundamental Techniques of Meditation for the Purposes of Magic

Perform a Rite of Relaxation. To begin, perform a breathing technique of your preference. After, become aware of your body by starting from your feet and then slowly moving your awareness up your body until you reach your head. Pay special attention to every tension point. See and feel a misty sphere at your feet. Bring it up your body and allow it to soothe and eliminate every tension point. Your mind should be fully concentrated on this.

For a few minutes clear your mind and only concentrate on your breathing. Concentrate on a symbol set upon a background of a single colour. After a few minutes of concentrating on the symbol, allow a variety of ideas and images to come forth. Choose one and follow it through. If it begins to wander away bring it back. End with a breathing technique of your preference .

See a background of a single colour. Slowly build up your symbol in as much detail as possible. Fully concentrate on the symbol. Move around it so you can see it from all angles. Allow various images and ideas to enter the picture and follow one. Bring yourself back to the symbol and follow another.

Do this until you have exhausted all of them. Come back to the symbol and slowly synthesize all the ideas and images in and around the symbol. Make note of this and pay special attention to the emotions and sensations that might arise.

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