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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Orphic Hymn to Silenius, Satyrus and the Priestesses of Bacchus

Great nurse of Bacchus, to my pray'r incline.,

Silenius, honor'd by the pow'rs divine

And by mankind at the triennial feast

Illustrious dæmon, reverenc'd as the best:

Holy, august, the source of lawful rites,

Rejoicing pow'r, whom vigilance delights

With Sylvans dancing ever young and fair,

Head of the Bacchic Nymphs, who ivy bear.

With all thy Satyrs on our incense shine,

Dæmons wild form'd, and bless the rites divine;

Come, rouse to sacred Joy thy pupil kin,

And Brumal Nymphs with rites Lenæan bring;

Our orgies shining thro' the night inspire,

And bless triumphant pow'r the sacred choir.

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