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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The unveiling of Muesis

For you shall be thrice consecrated and thrice purified by the Gods of initiation, O Child of Man and Woman, as iconic forms of dreams undreamt shatter their state of slumber, irrational whisperings of mystical verse becoming the echo of the soul and the passion drenched erotic thirst for life reveling alongside the awesome natural performance of ritual.

For you shall learn to howl in the wilderness the signs and barbarous names of those Daimons and Aetherial Spirits of the sub-lunar realm enshrouded in mist, mystique and magic.

For you shall be revealed unto the primordial alchemical binding of the Earth and the Heavens by the Gods which give cohesion and about and within you the slithering flow of the elements shall manifest, O Child of Earth, as the sensational sounds of the spheres whirl around and within you, O Child of the Seven Wandering Stars.

For only then shall you behold the revelation of the Gods that brings together the vision of union with the One that lies beyond the Palace of the Ogdoad, the Crystalline Sphere, the Magic Mirror of Heaven and finally the Empyreum itself, O Child of Heaven.

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