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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Calling

Facing the east recite the following prayer,

Greetings, O lord, you who are the way to receive favour for the universe and for the world in which we dwell.

Heaven has become a place of dancing for you: ΑΡΣΕΝΟΦΡΗ, O king of the heavenly gods: ΑΒΛΑΝΑΘΑΝΑΛΒΑ, you who possesses righteousness: ΑΚΡΑΜΜΑΧΑΜΑΡΕΙ, gracious god: ΣΑΝΚΑΝΑΘΑΡΑ, ruler of nature: ΣΑΤΡΑΠΕΡΚΜΗΦ, origin of the heavenly realm: ΑΘΘΑΝΝΟΥ ΑΘΘΑΝΝΟΥ ΑΣΤΡΑΦΑΙ ΙΑΣΤΡΑΦΑΙ ΠΑΚΕΡΤΩΘ ΣΑΒΑΩΘ ΗΡΙΝΤΑΣΚΛΙΟΥΘ ΗΦΙΩ ΜΑΡΜΑΡΑΩ.

Let my ability to speak and command not leave me. Let every god, archangel, angel, spirit, daimon and mortal pay attention to me, for I am ΠΕΡΤΑΩ ΜΗΧ ΧΑΧ ΜΝΗΧ ΣΑΚΜΗΦ ΙΑΩΟΥΕΗ ΩΗΩ ΩΗΩ ΙΕΟΥΩΗΙΗΙΑΗΑ ΙΗΩΥΟΕΙ! Grant to me that which I ask and that which is your will!

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