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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Call to the One who has Bound the Fiery Bars of the Fourfold Root


Hear my call, for I am a star, wandering about with you and shining forth out of the deep, ΟΧΥ Ο ΞΕΡΘΕΥΘ. O walker upon fire, ΠΕΝΤΙΤΕΡΟΥΝΙ, encloser of all, ΣΕΜΕΣΙΛΑΜ, firebreather, ΨΥΡΙΝΦΕΥ, feeler of fire, ΙΑΩ, breather of light, ΩΑΙ, rejoicer in fire, ΕΛΟΥΡΕ, beautiful light, ΑΖΑΙ, Aion, ΑΧΒΑ, master of light, ΠΕΠΠΕΡ ΠΡΕΠΕΜΠΙΠΙ, body of fire, ΦΝΟΥΗΝΙΟΧ, giver of light, ΑΩΙ, sower of fire, ΑΡΕΙ ΕΙΚΙΤΑ, driver of fire, ΓΑΛΛΑΒΑΛΒΑ, forcer of light, ΑΙΩ, whirler of fire, ΠΥΡΙΧΙΒΟΟΣΗΙΑ, mover of light, ΣΑΝΧΕΡΩΒ, shaker of thunder, ΙΗ ΩΗ ΙΩΕΙΩ, light of glory, ΒΕΕΓΕΝΗΤΕ, increaser of light, ΣΟΥΣΙΝΕΦΙΕΝ, maintainer of the firelight, ΣΟΥΣΙΝΕΦΙ ΑΡΕΝΒΑΡΑΖΕΙ ΜΑΡΜΑΡΕΝΤΕΥ, star-tamer, ΩΙΑ.

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