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Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Telete of Arktos

Face the setting of Helios and recite, ΘΗΝΩΡ, O Helios, ΣΑΝΘΗΝΩΡ, I beseech you, lord, may the place and lord of Arktos devote themselves to me.

Face the North and recite, I call upon you, the greatest power in heaven, appointed by the lord god to turn with a strong hand the holy pole, ΝΙΚΑΡΟΠΛΗΞ. Listen to me, hear the holy prayer, you who hold together the universe and bring to life the whole world, ΘΩΖΟΠΙΘΗ ΕΥΧΑΝΔΑΜΑ ΩΧΡΙΕΝΘΗΡ ΟΜΝΥΩΔΕΣ ΧΗΜΙΟΧΥΝΓΗΣ ΙΕΩΥ, ΘΕΡΜΟΥΘΕΡ ΨΙΦΙΡΙΧ ΦΡΟΣΑΛΙ ΚΑΝΘΙΜΕΩ ΖΑΝΖΕΜΙΑ ΩΠΕΡ ΠΕΡΟΜΕΝΗΣ ΡΩΘΙΕΥ ΗΝΙΝΔΕΥ ΚΟΡΚΟΥΝΘΟ ΕΥΜΕΝ ΜΕΝΙ ΚΗΔΕΥΑ ΚΗΠΣΗΟΙ. ΘΩΖΟΠΙΘΗ, Arktos, ruling heaven, reigning over the pole of the stars, highest, beautiful-shining, incorruptible element, composite of the all, all-illuminating, bond of the universe ΑΕΗΙΟΥΩ, you who stand on the pole, you whom the lord god appointed to turn the holy pole with a strong hand, ΘΩΖΟΠΙΘΗ. Arktos, Arktos, you who rule the heaven, the stars, and the whole world. You who make the axis turn and control the whole cosmic system by force and compulsion, holy mover of the cosmos. I appeal to you, imploring and supplicating that you may do…, because I have called upon you with your holy names at which your deity rejoices, names which you are not able to ignore.

Extracted from The Papyroi of Iakkhos

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