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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Concerning the Consecration of the Esoptron of Horasis of Selene

 The Magoi are to chant ΑΚΤΙΩΦΗΣ until the Thea of Selene begins to manifest from the burning smoke of the Tripous set behind the Maga, their magical Nous becoming one with the holy smoke corresponding to Selene. When the Thea has manifested the Maga in particular is to passionately identify herself with the Thea, seeing and feeling her. She is to beckon the Thea to assume and encompass Her form and become integrated into one. Her movements, thoughts and breathing are to reflect that of the Thea until she comes to the point of experiencing the kosmos as divinity. Upon this moment the Magos is to approach her whispering, from Selene, a peacemaking consonancy, fecundity, the power of generating and growing greater, of increasing and decreasing; a moderate temperance and faith, which being conversant in manifest and occult things, yields direction to all, also motion to the tilling of the Gaia, for the manner of life, and giving growth to itself and others. The Maga is to declare her divinity. She is to rise and take the Esoptron of Horasis in her hands, coat it with the Thysia of the Magoi and bathe it in the radiant light of Selene before setting it upon the Bomos of Selene. 

Extracted from The Papyroi of Iakkhos

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