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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Thus spoke Iamblikhos concerning Gods and Daimons

Iamblikhos refers to two classes of spiritual beings as gods and daimons. The invisible gods were the spiritual beings that inhabited the realms of heaven, whereas the visible gods were the stars and planets, and the gods residing in temple statues. Iamblikhos identified these gods as being restricted to general principles governing the occult mechanisms of the macrocosm and microcosm. For things governing more particular earthly affairs, the individual would seek out the assistance of a daimon. As Iamblikhos states in his sometimes intricate philosophical language,

For both the visible and the invisible gods, indeed comprehend in themselves the whole government of whatever is contained in all heaven and the world, and in the total invisible powers in the universe. But those powers that are allocated a daemonical prefecture, distributing certain divisible portions of the world, govern these, and have themselves a partible form of essence power. They are, likewise, in a certain respect, connascent with, and inseparable from, the subjects of their government... In short, that which is divine is of a ruling nature, and presides over the different orders of beings; but that which is daemonical is of a ministrant nature, and receives whatever the gods may announce, promptly employing manual operation, as it were, in things which the gods intellectually perceive, wish, and command. The gods, therefore, are liberated from the powers which verge to generation; but daimons are not entirely purified from these.

Iamblikhos,  On the Egyptian Mysteries

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