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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Manifesto for Occult Traditions - Call for Papers

Within a mundane and simple arena of understanding and experience, the word ‘occult’, which derives from the Latin word ‘occultus’, refers to anything aspiring to knowledge of the hidden, secret and clandestine. However, if one is to dwell deeper into the arcane dialectics of the holy matrimony of the macrocosm and microcosm it becomes apparent, and not always in a logical and pleasant fashion, that more is to be whispered, unveiled and conjured in regards to the occult.

It is therefore my pleasure and honour to invite you to partake in this mystery of occult manifestation of the pure but temporarily obscured pure forces of the cosmos.

Since the dawn of ages men and women have sought a glimpse of occult gnosis within the awesome natural performance of ritual, the slithering flow of the elements, the sensational sounds of the spheres, the iconic form of dreams undreamt and now awoken, the irrational whispering of mystical verse, the silence of contemplation and the passion drenched erotic thirst for life, death and rebirth. Unlike the priesthood of convention and dogmatism, these men and women, the Magos, have been a visible representation of spiritual virility, the human condition and many times the romantic antinomian ethos refusing the dictates of conventional society, morality and metaphysical culture whilst aligning themselves purely with the laws of the pure forces of the cosmos. They employed a multitude of arcane symbols reflecting other dimensions of spiritual rapture; they howled barbarous names of holy and unholy power in the wilderness; they communed with gods and goddesses deep within their own earthly abodes; they conjured angels and demons within and outside geometrical patterns of spiritual authority; they glimpsed into the present reflecting itself through the future and echoing from the past; they have been hunted, praised, deified and condemned to the abyss... yet they are still amongst us, brothers and sisters,  essentially attempting to adapt the Occult to a disenchanted world, a world which no longer harbours a dimension of irreducible mystery based upon an experience of the sacred as present in the daily world, a world that is decadent, materialistic,  mortally egocentric, delusional, imbalanced and suffocated.

Before I present the desired intention of Occult Traditions I believe it is necessary to define what I mean by Tradition by presenting what I conceive as being the most coherent and all-embracing definition written by Julius Evola,

According to its true, living meaning, Tradition is neither servile conformity to what has been, nor a sluggish perpetuation of the past into the present. Tradition, in its essence, is something simultaneously meta-historical and dynamic: it is an overall ordering force, in service of principles that have the chrism of a superior legitimacy.

Within this framework the desired intention of Occult Traditions is to seek out individuals willing to unveil eternal and dynamic occult gems of the magical universe as presented and experienced throughout a vast matrix of occult principles, paths, disciplines and traditions.

Qualitative contributions on all aspects of the occult is an encouraged desire, whether that be a historical, philosophical or practical exploration and presentation. In addition, more irrational literary and visual endeavours are also highly encouraged as precious representations of occult gnosis in the here and now yet reflecting Aion of aions.
If your body, heart and soul desires so and yearns passionately to unveil gems of occult gnosis it would be my pleasure to discuss the ambitions of your epiphany. It would be an even greater pleasure if this discussion could manifest in the flesh but unfortunately we are still overwhelmed by the vastness of the cosmos so therefore for those still far away whisper to me your conceptualised ideas relating to the paper you would like to submit at
The deadline for the final submission will take place on the 21st of December 2010, however this might be able be extended by a lunar cycle. It would be my pleasure to become aware of your initial concept, title and drafts and soon as possible.

Further details will be made available as they arise through Primordial Traditions.


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