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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thus Spoke Qudshu

And the Thea spoke, For you shall not encounter me as a minor Thea of sex and pleasure but as the truly powerful and primordial Thea of Heaven and Earth. For I am beloved of Ptah, lady of heaven, mistress of the Theoi, mistress of the stars, mistress of beasts, the eye of Ra and great of mageia. Behold me upon the lion in my naked splendour, flanked and venerated by Resheph and Min. Upon my crown the horns and disk of Hathor, in my left hand Weret-Hekau and in my right the blossoming papyros. For I am the Thea without her equal. Cry out my name with mania in the wilderness and embrace me beneath the starlit Heavens.

Extracted from The Papyroi of Iakkhos

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