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Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Rite of the Lunar Spell as recited by the Scarlet Selene

I have been called upon, I mistress of the entire world, ruler of the entire cosmic system, greatly powerful goddess, gracious daimon, lady of night, who travel through the air, ΦΕΡΟΦΟΡΗ ΑΝΑΘΡΑ ΟΥΘΡΑ. My sacred symbols have been heeded and I have given a whirring sound[1], and I shall give a sacred daimon who serves this very night, in this very hour, ΠΡΟΚΥΝΗ ΒΑΥΒΩ ΦΟΒΕΙΟΥΣ ΜΗΕ, and order the daimon...[2]

Behold my call, for I am Selene, who suffers much, who rises and sets at night, triple-headed, triple-named ΜΗΝΗ ΜΑΡΖΟΥΝΗ, fearful, gracious-minded and Persuasion. I have come, horned-faced, light-bearer, bull-shaped, horse-faced goddess, who howls doglike; I have come, the she-wolf, and I have come here now, I mistress of night and chthonic realms, holy, black-clad, round whom the star-traversing nature of the world revolves whenever Iwax too great, I have established every worldly thing, I have engendered everything on earth and from the sea and every race in turn of winged birds who seek their nests again. I am mother of all, who bore Eros, Aphrodite, lamp-bearer, shining and aglow, I Selene, star-coursing, heavenly, torch-bearer, fire-breather, woman four-faced, four-named, four-roads’ mistress. I, the goddess, have attended my epithets, Iheavenly one, harbor goddess of the crossroads; Inether one, goddess of depths, eternal, goddess of dark, I have come to the sacrifices. I shall fulfill this of which I have been asked, I  ΑΚΤΙΩΦΙΣ, mistress, Selene, only ruler, swift fortune of daimons and gods, ΝΕΒΟΥΤΟΣΟΑΛΗΘ ΙΩΙ ΛΟΙΜΟΥ ΛΑΛΟΝ.

I shall send forth my daimons from among those who assist me, one who is leader of night, because I have been adjured by my great names, because of which no aerial or infernal daimon can ignore me, ΜΕΣΟΥΡΦΑΒΑΒΟΡ ΒΡΑΛ ΙΗΩ ΙΣΙ Η. Come to me just as I have been summoned you, ΟΡΘΩ ΒΑΥΒΩ ΝΟΗΡΕ ΚΟΔΗΡΕ ΣΟΙΡΕ ΣΟΙΡΕ ΕΡΕΣΧΙΓΑΛ ΣΑΝΚΙΣΤΗ ΔΩΔΕΚΑΚΙΣΤΗ ΑΚΡΟΥΡΟΒΟΡΕ ΚΟΔΗΡΕ ΣΑΜΠΣΕΙ; hear my words as I send forth my daimon who is appointed over the 1st hour[3], ΜΕΝΕΒΑΙΝ; and the one over the 2nd hour, ΝΕΒΟΥΝ; and the one over the 3rd hour, ΛΗΜΝΕΙ; and the one over the 4th hour, ΜΟΡΜΟΘ; and the one over the 5th hour, ΝΟΥΦΙΗΡ; and the one over the 6th hour, ΧΟΡΒΟΡΒΑΘ; and the one over the 7th hour, ΟΡΒΕΗΘ; and the one over the 8th hour, ΠΑΝΜΩΘ; and the one over the 9th hour, ΘΥΜΕΝΦΡΙ; and the one over the 10th hour, ΣΑΡΝΟΧΟΙΒΑΛ; and the one over the 11th hour, ΒΑΘΙΑΒΗΛ; and the one over the 12th hour, ΑΡΒΡΑΘΙΑΒΡΙ, so that you may do this for me...[4]

[1] You are to hear the whirring sound.
[2] You are to state the nature and purpose of the rite intended.
[3] You are to face the direction of each hour.
[4] You are to state the nature and purpose of the rite intended.

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