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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Orphic Hymn to the Nereids

Daughters of Nereus, resident in caves
Merged deep in ocean, sporting through the waves;
Fanatic fifty nymphs, who through the main
Delight to follow in the Triton's train,
Rejoicing close behind their cars to keep;
Whose forms half wild, are nourished by the deep,
With other nymphs of different degree
Leaping and wandering through the liquid sea:
Bright, watery dolphins, sonorous and gay,
Well pleased to sport with bachanalian play;
Nymphs beauteous-eyed, whom sacrifice delights,
Send rich abundance on our mystic rites;
For you at first disclosed the rites divine,
Of holy Bakkhos and of Proserpine,
Of fair Kalliope from whom I spring,
And of Apollo bright, the Muse's king.

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