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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Behold Aion, God amongst Gods

Behold Aion, god amongst gods, in that stiff hieratic pose, naked though his sexual mysticism is hidden from the eyes of the profane by the 7-fold serpent encoiled around the body of the god with the signs of the zodiac between its coils, for he fixes the course of Helios and is Chronos. 4 are his wings, 1 pair pointing upwards and 1 pointing downwards, for he is the ruler over the 4 winds and of the 4 seasons as Helios and Chronos. The head is the head of a lion with a fiery flowing mane and the mouth protruding the all-devouring teeth breathing tongues of flame. The hands of the god bear the fiery torches of muesis. Adore the dreaded visage that this god can alone evoke!

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