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Monday, 12 April 2010

Hymn to Aion of Aions


Hail unto you, O you who are the all-cosmos of aithereal spirit!

Hail unto you, O spirit, who does extend from heaven to earth, and from the earth that's in the middle of the orb of cosmos to the ends of the abyss!

Hail unto you, O spirit, who does enter into me, who clings unto me or who does part yourself from me according to the will of the god in goodness of his heart!

Hail unto you, you who are the beginning and end of nature naught can move!

Hail unto you, you who are the liturgy unweariable of nature's elements!

Hail unto you, O illumination of the solar beam that shines to serve the world!

You are the disk of the night shining moon, that shines unequally!

Hail, spirits all of the
aithereal statues of the gods!

Hail to you all, whom holy brethren and holy sisters hail in giving of their praise!

O spirit, mighty one, most mighty circling and incomprehensible configuration of the cosmos, hail! Celestial, a
ithereal, interaithereal, water-like, earth-like, fire-like, air-like, like unto light, to darkness like, shining as do the stars moist, hot, cold spirit!

I praise you, god of gods, whoever does restore the cosmos, and who does store the depth away upon its throne of settlement no eye can see, who fixes heaven and earth apart, and covers the heaven with your golden everlasting wings, and makes firm the earth on everlasting thrones!

O you who hangs up the aether in the lofty height, and scatters the air with your moving blasts, who makes the water eddy round in circles!

O you who raisess up the fiery whirlwind, and makes thunder, lightning, rain, and shakings of the earth, O god of aions! Mighty you are, lord god, O master of the all!

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