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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Orphic Hymn to the Daimon

"You, mighty-ruling, daimon dread, I call,
Mild Zeus, life-giving, and the source of all:
Great Zeus, much-wandering, terrible and strong,
To whom revenge and tortures dire belong.
Mankind from you, in plenteous wealth abound,
When in their dwellings joyful you are found;
Or pass through life afflicted and distressed,
The needful means of bliss by you suppressed.
It is yours alone endued with boundless might,
To keep the keys of sorrow and delight.
O holy, blessed father, hear my prayer,
Disperse the seeds of life-consuming care;
With favouring mind the sacred rites attend,
And grant my days a glorious, blessed end."

Extracted from the Hymns of Orpheus

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